Seasons – Rhythm of life


Seasons- Rhythm of life.

Adopt the pace of nature, her secret is Patience – Ralph Waldo Emerson.

Nature is the best silent teacher. Everything created by God teaches us something. Seasonal changes have always interested me.

Seasons – whether the changes are desired or not, they occur . These changes and transformations occur effortlessly and naturally. Each season beautifully gives way to the next .

Major life lesson we learn is to accept and not resist the changes . whatever changes it brings..
They are all visitors , welcome them happily, enjoy the moments and say bye when the time has come to let go.

The summer brightness, autumn foliage, long dry winters, bright colourful flowers of spring .

Summer is always full of energy, exuberance, achievement…
The season of autumn,

Trees are losing their leaves, and not one of them is worried. The Hope of blooming again.

Autumn shows as how beautiful it is to let things go..
Letting go is never easy. It makes our heart & soul hard.
Winter…… cold, frozen lakes are like hardened soul through all the sufferings we face in each stage. At some point even the frozen lakes melt to the warmth.
learn to loosen up for the warmth to enter into your Heart. Allowing space for fresh beautiful beginnings.- the Spring.
All these changes that keep visiting us strengthens our emotional resilience in face of adversity and allow us to enjoy life as it comes.
Life is finite, Learn to embrace the changes and make the most of everything.
Life is all about balance. Doesn’t it say something……
Makes me think about my next blog on those lines.

Sowmya muralidhar


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